Odessa's Birthday

Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Well, she has now officially entered the terrible two's and I couldn't be more proud! We had such a wonderful little party to celebrate and I think she had a great time (except when we sang happy birthday - she made it clear she doesn't like that). Although our living quarters are a little cramped, we are so grateful we were able to have most of our friends and family together at one time. It was a special birthday weekend for our big girl.

Odessa helped me make the birthday banner. I'm hoping we can bring it out every birthday for years to come.

Yes, there are two photos of the cupcakes. They were very, very good.

Already trying on one of the many dresses. If you know Odessa, pants are not an option these days!


I finished her birthday quilt just in the nick of time! I haven't been writing here lately because this is where all my free time has been spent the past two weeks. It is such an amazing feeling, finishing a quilt. Such a sense of accomplishment, and there is excitement to start something new.

I had it professionally quilted by a very talented man who works out of his home studio in Edmonton. He did such a wonderful job and I was so excited to find man who quilts! So amazing! I will definitely be going back.

Odessa loves it and I am very happy with it.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! You didn't tell me you were a blogging mommy, with fabric and patterns and stuff online! I would have given you the 50% bloggers discount. lmao Just kidding. I'm so happy Odessa loved her quilt.

I was so surprised (pleasantly of course) to find your blog in my stats tonight. Thanks for the link!

Now I'm going to rush over to my blog to tell everyone about you :)

quilterpolly said...

love your quilt

Debbie Myers said...

I love your quilt, and your daughter!! She is ADORABLE~~ Your quilt turned out beautifully, you used my favorite colors! Did you use a particular line of fabric, or just a bunch of different stuff? What pattern or book did you use?? Lovely job!

Debbie Myers
Chicago, IL..where it's snowing, snowing, snowing

Alexandra said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments! It is such a great feeling to complete a quilt (as I'm sure you all know). I didn't use a line of fabric - just picked out what I liked at the local quilt shop. The pattern is called Flying Pinwheel and can be found in the book Quick & Easy Quiltmaking (ISBN 0-87596-576-8)

Jaye said...

Love the different colors of frosting on your cupcakes! I linked to some of your pictures. Wonderful photos on your blog, in general. I also like the way you have colored your daughter's birthday quilt. great effect to have some of the pinwheels surrounded and some not. Thanks for sharing.

Alexandra said...

Thank You Jaye!

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