Wednesday, April 7, 2010
We had an awesome Easter/celebration of Spring. The wonderful company helped a lot, as did the beautiful weather. Odessa enjoyed her first Easter egg hunt and Stella was right in there too. She almost had her first taste of chocolate. We found her with a suspicious look on her face and a little foil egg in her mouth. Although we are still in that awkward phase of spring; the closet full of both winter jackets and sweaters, winter boots and sandals, I am so grateful for the longer days. It is so nice to be able to go for a walk after supper, to open the windows, and not have to worry about where the scarves and hats and mittens are (we are constantly misplacing all those little mittens). Love this time of year!

I made the girls these little bunnies that I found here. So simple. So cute. I used an organic cotton bed sheet we weren't using for the head and legs and the rest of the bed sheet for the stuffing. The bodies are just from the scrap basket.

My sister and I tell my mom she HAS to make this Easter bread every year.
It's tradition.

Love Easter lilies

This picture was taken just before Odessa yanked the basket away and said "No Stella, you'll choke!!"

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NEW MOM said...

I love this bunnies, they are so cute!!

Jo said...

Hi Alexandra!! Thanks for making the bunny!
Yours look soooooooo cute with the blush!!!

I hope you had a great Easter too!!^0^

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