Friday, June 25, 2010
My little miss Stella turned one yesterday! At this moment, she loves putting on shoes, being outdoors, baby dolls, and hugs and kisses. She is such a little girl.

It's amazing to sit and think about this last year and all of the challenges we faced. There were little rocky times when I questioned my ability to be a good mother and there were moments of guilt when I realized that Jeremy and I can't do this all on our own. And there were tears. Oh my, lots and lots of tears. But, the year was also filled with moments of pure love and joy and little pockets of time that I would've loved to lock away and replay again and again, whenever I wanted. There were moments when I wished the girls would just stop growing and stay little forever, and moments of absolute happiness and even a few moments of calm. Watching them laugh and grow together just makes all those challenges so worth it. I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am, how happy and how in love I am with these girls. If you are a parent - you get it.

We celebrated Stella's day with a picnic at the spray park. It was hard to get a picture of Odessa standing still. I think she was running the entire time.

Stella is getting quite brave now. Before she would just sit by my side and be content watching things happening around her. Now that she is walking, she wants to be right in there.

Jeremy and I, along with the help of family and friends, purchased this beautiful, wooden kitchen for Stella's first birthday. It was important to me to have something made of wood, as opposed to plastic, and something that would spark a lot of imaginative play. Of course, it is for both of them to use, and, so far, it has been a huge hit.

I made them each their own matching apron and oven mitt to go along with it.

Happy Birthday my little one!

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